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Many Sprint users have noticed that Palm recently came out with a smaller smartphone, the Centro. The Centro is intended to compete with some of Blackberry's smaller phones, such as the Blackjack and Curve. Until now, Palm's only Smartphones have been the Treo's, which are extremely capable but bulky units.

This is a review of the Centro, and a comparison to the Treo 700 and 755. By reading this review, you might find yourself in a better position to decide between the three smartphones, which are all in current production by Sprint (and the 700 and 755 are offered by Verizon).

I should add that this is written from the perspective of a moderate business user. I'm not at all hardcore techie, but I do rely on my smartphone for important calls as well as email, scheduling, and other basic tasks. I need a phone that is reliable, has decent battery life, and provides an interface that I don't need to study the instructions to understand. I'm a simple person.


A review of the Palm Centro

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